Thursday, August 2, 2007

Building the Tallest Building

Younan Properties seems to think it can build the tallest building in the world: Younan Vows To Build Tallest Building. Of course they have not selected a city or a site to build on yet. Nor does it appear that they have the financing to build it.

It was a good way to get your name in the paper.

Meanwhile, my gas money has allowed Emaar Properties of Dubai to build the Burj Dubai Tower.

It is still under construction, but on July 24 the had steel up to 512.1 meters making it the world's tallest building. But they are still going and expect to reach a height of 700 meters. The tower is scheduled to open late next year.

According to the website for the tower, the goal "is not simply to be the world's highest building. It's to embody the world's highest aspirations."

Prior to the Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building was Taiwan's Taipei 101. It is a mere 508 meters tall.

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