Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Avvo Lawyer Ratings Come To Massachusetts

The controversial has come to Boston (and the rest of Massachusetts). I have heard about the reviews and the law suits filed. It looks like the early rating system had some problems with gathering information and weighting the information that Avvo was able to find. As of April 2, they have added Massachusetts.

Since I am a lawyer in Massachusetts, I figured I would check out my profile: Doug Cornelius on Avvo.
At first, I achieved the "No Concern Rating." There is a process for claiming your profile. After doing that, I got a 6.2 out of 10. That did not seem very good. So I added some publications, speaking engagements, employment, etc. That got me up to a 6.5.

According to their description of how the ratings work, if you add more information to your profile then your numerical rating should increase.

So I decided to go on a hunt for the highest rated real estate lawyers in Boston. Michael Leon comes out on top, with Robert Fishman, second and Beth Mitchell in third place. All three have a perfect rating of 10.

I checked out some other prominent lawyers here in in the firm:
I could not find anyone else in the firm with a numerical rating and I got a bit bored after seeing the lack of information. As of this morning only 149 lawyers in Boston had a rating above 9. With 2896 having a rating above 1. There is a distinct lack of information and utility in the numerical rating.

Of course, today is just the first day here in Massachusetts. I will have to check back to see what happens.

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Anonymous said...

Attorney discipline is a political system that has nothing to do with actual wrongs an attorney committed.

That's why a numerical rating that includes disciplinary information is totally misleading.