Monday, April 28, 2008

Cities are Enacting Green Building Requirements

On Earth Day, the City of Los Angeles enacted a green building ordinance. According to the Sheppard Mullin Real Estate and Construction Law Blog:
The program sets mandatory standards of sustainability for large projects. In essence, the program provides that no building permit shall be issued for projects at or above 50,000 gross square feet of floor area unless “[t]he project applicant…demonstrates that the Project meets the intent [emphasis added] of the criteria for certification at the LEED certified level.” See LAMC, Section 16.10 D.1. Formal LEED certification, however, is not required.
Boston enacted its green building ordinance last year. In January of 2007, the Boston Zoning Commission approved several amendments to the Boston Zoning Code to require all projects over 50,000 SF to be designed to meet the “certified” level.

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